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A successful California producer of herbs, tasked Pak West with increasing their environmental sustainability, while reducing overall costs and increasing production efficiency. Because of their rapid growth, and labor intensive packaging assembly, they struggled to meet demand. Their current packaging utilized a semi-rigid container, that was hand packed and manually labeled before packing into their shipper box. 

Pak West Solution
After consulting with Pak West, we suggested moving to a flexible BOPP film, rather than semi-rigid packaging. This film would be utilized, using an automated flow-wrapper, with a capacity of 90 units a minute, and an auto-labeler, to brand their product.

Aside from the dramatic decrease in time and labor, the customer decreased their yearly plastic usage by 325,000 lbs. This ripple effect helped increase their packages-per-shipper, lowering their shipping weights, therefore decreasing their transit costs and corrugate costs.

Increased throughput with higher margins

A local cosmetic company secured a new contract with a national retailer, increasing their volume, overnight. Currently, they were manually hand-wrapping 100 pallets a day, with 18” x 1500’ 80 gauge stretch film. This manual process required 2 people and was incredibly time consuming, lacked uniformity, due to the manual process, and required ONE POUND of film. Their cost to wrap each pallet was $1.50, not including the labor of two workers.

Pak West Solution
After consulting with Pak West, we suggested they purchase a pallet wrapper to machine apply their film. We also recommended 20” x 7500’ 63 gauge film, given their uniform pallet loads. Their film price per pound was $1.60, but we achieved a more consistent and stronger load containment, while only applying SIX OUNCES of film, per load.

This Pak West solution resulted in; a net cost of $.90 per load in film costs, a drastic decrease in labor costs, and a savings of $23,400 in film costs, per year. This increase in efficiency, decreased their yearly film usage by 16,250 POUNDS. Overall, the Pak West solution increased the speed of pallets wrapped, decreased overall operational costs and reduced their environmental impact, substantially.

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